Sterilized Water Maker

Make sterilized water and use it as a substitute for hand sanitizer.

99.9% Sterilization

Please make sure to use tap water.

Please note that the use of purified water or filtered water will remove all residual chlorine and prevent electrolytic sterilization.

The duration of electrolytic sterilization water is up to 48 hours at all stages.

You can create a new one after 48 hours or use it as needed.

After 48 hours it is a safe product that is converted into regular water.

Hypochlorite water is

produced through the built-in special device when general tap water

is added.

Hypochlorite water has sterilization and constant deodorizing power, also called electrolytic sterilization water.

This electrolytic sterilized water is evaluated as a safe substance used in food additives.

Made in Korea


HEYO Sterilising Water Maker

SKU: HSWM_0001
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