Patented brand new Antiviral / Antibiotic material

Pulicious spray is made by using the way of patented extraction method. Selected mineral ions through patented method inactivate the bacteria and viruses located on the surface.

No chemical, No preservative No harmful 100% natural mineral water.

Essential item for healthy life

We are exposed to various viruses and bacteria in daily life and use many different type of antibiotic items. However, most of them are made up of alcohol and contains chemicals. Also, it is toxic to human body,

Therefore, we need to have safe and nature derivative antibiotic item. Pulicious spray is the one we are looking for because Pulicious is 100% natural origin mineral water extracted through the patented extraction method and holds strong antibiotic activity(over 99.9%).

Pulicious spray is “must-have” item as it does not contain any chemical or preservatives at all. It is safe in any circumstances.

Superb anti-viral / antibiotic spray

Pulicious spray is able to kills bacteria and viruses in short time. Just spray Pulicious on mask and mobile phone then more than 99.9% of bacteria and viruses will be eliminated.

It's easy and safe to use and it protects you and your family from bacteria and viruses!

Pulicious Multipurpose Sanitizer


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